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3 Common Mistakes Made While Moving in Abu Dhabi/Dubai

Moving in Abu Dhabi can be very stressful & hectic & can be made worse if you don't take care of various things. In our experience of moving in Abu Dhabi for more than 10 years, we have seen people make mistakes while moving apartment in Abu Dhabi. The 3 most common mistakes made while moving in Abu Dhabi are:

Failing to Plan: As they say, failing to plan is equal to planning to fail. To avoid any hassles & make your moving less stressful & easy, you need to plan for the moving in Abu Dhabi well in advance. Ideal time for planning the moving in Abu Dhabi is at least 1 month in advance before the actual move. This will allow you to plan the move efficiently & help you to save a lot of time & money. You should make sure to select a tentative date for moving in Abu Dhabi well in advance and then prepare for the same. You can start to figure out what stuff you are not using & may want to sell it off on websites like This will help you to pay for the unnecessary moving of that stuff to the new location. All these small tasks should be completed well before the moving in Abu Dhabi which will help you save time, effort & money.


Choose Mover in Abu Dhabi: Choosing a mover in Abu Dhabi can be really difficult & confusing not because there are not many options available for the movers in Abu Dhabi. Its actually the opposite, too many choices for mover in Abu Dhabi. Our suggestion is not choose a mover in Abu Dhabi only on the basis of the price as this can turn out to be the most expensive option if they damage any of your belongings. Choose a licensed & registered mover in Abu Dhabi who can make your move hassle free. We deal with more than 30 movers in Abu Dhabi so you can choose the best mover in Abu Dhabi as per your requirement & budget.

Get Quotes Including Services Like Handyman: A lot of movers in Abu Dhabi will give you cheap quotes but they won't show what's covered & what's not covered in that price. They, movers in Abu Dhabi will ask for more money for other services like handymen, extra boxes etc at the time of the moving & the customer has no choice but to pay at that time. So, please make sure when you get a moving quote from a mover in Abu Dhabi to check what all services are included, is there any extra charge, are there any hidden charges. This will ensure that the mover in Abu Dhabi is not able to charge you more than the quotation for moving.

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