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Moving in Dubai, Moving in Abu Dhabi or Moving in UAE for that matter is a very hectic, time consuming and expensive affair. To make things worse, there are so many movers in UAE that it almost becomes impossible to decide on who to choose. Based on years of our experience, we have classified all movers in Dubai under 3 categories and based on your requirement you can choose the perfect mover for yourself.

Premier Movers: Premier movers in UAE are professional movers with professional staff. They are a full functional company with a proper office and in most cases a warehouse for storage as well. Their staff will have their uniforms and every member will know their role well. A supervisor/manager will lead the crew and will lease with you during the moving and make sure everything goes smooth. They offer quality but can be a bit pricey as well. Premier movers are highly recommended if you are moving expensive furniture, paintings etc as they are highly unlikely to mishandle your stuff.

Budget Movers: These are the most common type of movers in UAE. They will have a small office and will have a professional crew to carry out the moving. They may not be as professional as Premier movers but are reliable and good enough to get the job done smoothly. If you are looking for value for money, budget movers in UAE should be your choice. As moving in Dubai can be expensive, a lot of people prefer these Budget Movers.

Free Lancers: These movers in Dubai are the ones with no offices and are usually a one-man where they have a truck and a license to operate as a mover in Dubai. They are the cheapest movers in Dubai and are not recommended if you have expensive furniture and other stuff that you don't want to be damaged. They will charge fraction of the price of Premier mover but you will have to compromise on service. These movers are recommended when you want an item or two to be moved like a sofa or just a bed etc.

To know which mover is best for you at the best price in the market, call one of our experts and we will take care of it. No form filling, just call us and we will compare quotes of different movers in Dubai & give you the best and the most affordable mover in UAE.

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