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Things to consider before making your next move

UAE is one of the best places to live in the world. Quality of life, multi cultural environment, tolerant society and varied food cuisines make is one of the perfect places to settle in the world; but as we know good things come at a cost so the cost of living in Dubai is really high. For example, the rents here are sometimes 10 times than you may be paying in your home country. Due to this reason a lot of expats move homes every now & then to save some mullah. However, one should keep the below things in mind before making the next move:

Cost of moving vs Cost of staying: You may be moving to a new apartment to   save some money but you should keep in mind the costs that will arise because of the move like moving your apartment furniture, deep cleaning the apartment, painting etc.There are some companies that provide all these services but do evaluate the costs incurred vs saved to make an informed decision. You can find the best prices Discounts for Moving in UAE

Commute Time from the new Apartment: As we know time is money, so make sure that the new apartment doesn't make you lose a lot of time in traffic. Sometimes the apartment may be closer to the workplace but may take more time due to may be only one exit and entry point. Do your research to avoid frustation.

Maintenance Costs: Some apartments include the maintenance in the rent so if you are moving from one of those apartment, do confirm with the agent about the same for the new apartment. Maintenance costs throughout the year can eat into your savings. You can check for the here for Maintenance in Dubai

Public Transport Availability: The new apartment may be cheaper but sometimes the reason may be the connectivity and very important to check if any of your family member doesn't in drive. Taking taxis and bus service can be taxing on health as well as on your pocket.

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